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With Wajooba, efficiently launch your online store to sell yoga mats or CD Drives. Our yoga studio software is designed to give you a one-time solution to track and manage your business data at ease. Creating a product catalog – management of yoga accessories and related payment options. The most intuitive features include being able to sell memberships, update product inventory, update information, quick checkout process, safe and secure payment options available.

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Easy Class

Get full-featured class scheduling, billing, powerful reporting tools, track attendance records, manage calendar, 50+ features designed specifically for yoga owners.

Design customizable passes for a specific period, launch introductory classes, give referral credits, host free classes and more with options like auto payment.

Best for scheduling and maintaining classes to be easy, accessible, time-saving, convenient and yet affordable.

Build your Monthly schedule in Minutes.


Keep track of student’s attendance, records, progress at ease in a single dashboard. Add custom absence reasons, run reports and keep attendance information in one place.

Easy Student

Allow self check-ins, front desk check-ins with QR codes, track number of individual student visits for a batch. Highlight students who are newcomers for personal attention and guidance.

Easily enable waiver form (consent from the students) for instructions and approval. Manage admin roles for your instructors and also tools that will let them know any warning notes of customer’s physical health alerts.

Online Payments /
Billing and Payments

Wajooba ensures secure payment with retail POS systems with rates as low as 0.8%.
We comply with the payment data compliance requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). All major credit and debit card associations, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, American Express and Discover, require compliance with PCI-DSS.
Design customized Fee Payment Structure – option to pass on the credit card fees and internet fees to customers. Dashboard reports track these activities to measure campaign success. It helps you to improve your relationship with your customers.


Let automation take over your manual tasks while saving time and effort.

Acquire the convenience of selling membership passes, member renewals, membership discounts for quarterly billing cycles, host charity classes, raise income from donations, manage recurring billings, smart notifications on payment made, etc just with few clicks.


Level up your yoga studio with Wajooba’s easy communication designs. We allow your website to integrate with 3rd party tools like Mailchimp, Drip, SendGrid, Twillio SMS API Integration, etc to launch marketing campaigns.
Reach out to parents with the latest updates, offers, notifications, payment information and student performance reports.


Plan workshop at ease with Wajooba’s online event registration platform. Give the students attendees a refreshing experience from registrations to closing remarks.

Get simplified options for creating customized event landing page, delegate management including online payment, notifications, receipts, make event pages SEO friendly and mobile-optimized for maximum conversions.

Reports and

Manage student profiles with Wajooba’s management software tool to categorize and organize business data efficiently.
The dashboard has an array of functions like view purchase history, classes scheduled, membership management, create offers and discounts, student’s login, students onboarding, merge student profile if needed and all these tasks done within just a few clicks!
Create report templates based on any combination of criteria, with many formatting options. Also, Wajooba creates customized reports to track your business performance, marketing campaigns and many more.

Automated website

Automate widgets to your website like calendar widgets, link widgets, event widgets, custom widgets that will set you free from manual tasks. Also, maintain student records, explore 20+ features for managing your studio easier.

Wajooba’s website widgets seamlessly integrate with your website. Automate time-saving tasks such as building your brand’s online presence, automation of lead management, publishing events and others.

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Start with free plan

No credit card required

Client Management

Streamline all tasks to boost customer satisfaction with features that let you manage individual profiles, business performance with build-in client reports, customized offers and membership management.

  • Categorize, manage and organize every student profile, centrally
  • Track each student’s skills to send their parents the performance reports
  • Personalize each student’s profile, also merging two profiles as if required

Keeping track of the payments and billings, and sending them smart notifications.

Custom Branded App

With Wajooba, take Branding One Step Ahead! Enhance the customer experience of your brand by going digital. We design and build your app so that it creates convenience for your client to interact and communicate with the brand. Engaging the client in an efficient way will reflect your brand identity.


Reports can sort the top-notch students in your yoga studio by identifying their behavior, skills, performance, preferred payment modes, redeemed offers, etc and thus helping you to build a better business marketing plan by analyzing these traits.Reports will help you to stay on top of your business by an overview of all the tasks

  • List customers that use ePayments for billings, easily find for lost or expired card details.
  • Students absent data and tracking them for alternative class schedules.
  • Get online registration form and profile details.
  • Get custom reports from Wajooba of all your marketing efforts. These reports will also include suggestions based on your current business status.
  • Generate 10x revenue for your business by simply taking advantage of automation, analyze which time and schedule got more registrations, profitability, revenue and past due payments.
  • Get a summary of financial data such as track revenue sorted by day, time, category, payment modes, offers redeemed, payment history of multiple enrollments in a single-family, tax segmentation etc.

Add social media insights to your campaign success report – Mailchimp,Facebook, Google Analytics.

Frequently asked

Can I embed Schedule onto my website?

Yes, there are multiple widgets available to Automate your website updates including schedules, events, past events, contact us and more.

Am I able to manage both my recreational and competitive programs from Wajooba’s Online Yoga Studio Software?

Yes, we have 50+ features in our software that will help you do all your admin tasks as well as generate 2x revenue with our management tools.

Does my business need a website to use Wajooba Software?

No, it is not necessary to have your own website to connect with Wajooba Software. Your account on Wajooba can serve as your website.

Does Wajooba comply with PCI-DSS security for credit cards?

Yes, we comply with the payment data compliance requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). All major credit card associations, including Visa, Amex, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, require compliance with PCI-DSS.