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Wajooba is an easy to learn platform. It is a comprehensive software which can help you grow your training schools.

Smart features to grow & organize your business

Publish Calendar

Publish your class schedule in minutes with beautiful description

A Combination of

Online Classes

Online Courses

Conduct Online Classes and Online Courses
You can publish only Online Courses or a combination of Online classes and Online courses, based on how would you like to connect with students

Restrict Roles

Wajooba supports Admins, Staff, Front desk roles. As an admin you have the flexibility to restrict your team based on roles.

Accept Payments

Accept All Major cards and ACH, as well as you can record your check and cash payments. Rates for cards as low as 0.80%

Host Programs

Start new Batches and Events. In Wajooba they are called as programs.
Website widgets can display them on your website.

Reach more clients

With a Strong CRM, you can easily send Email and Text campaigns within wajooba.