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Simple yet powerful store management software to maximize your sales and data-driven shopping experience. Generate invoices easily, manage your accounts, 20+ tools for your online store.

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AutoPay memberships for a fixed period or unlimited period, are the keys to success for a Studio, It’s super easy to create them in wajooba.
You have the versatility to offer Autopay or One time memberships based on fixed number of Classes or a fixed period.


Sell your studio products e.g Mats, Towels, Books you can list on your website with ease. You can select the Tax percent based on prevailing taxes.


Easily define Offer Codes, which will allow you to define offers say for Early birds. Offers apply on one time payments, they will not impact your AutoPayments. If there is a Registration fees for a Course, that can be waived with offer codes.


Choose on which Memberships or Products you would like to sell Online and which in store.


Since courses are related to a Class, Memberships purchased will only get applied to relevant classes.

Accounting and CRM

Our seamless integration automatically syncs all your contacts, orders and help you manage financial data without breaking a sweat.

Billing and

Design customized Fee Payment Structure – option to pass on the credit card fees to customers, Dashboard reports track these activities to measure campaign success. It helps you to improve your relationship with your customers.

Wajooba ensures secure payment with rates as low as 0.8%.

We comply with the payment data compliance requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). All major credit and debit card associations, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, American Express and Discover, require compliance with PCI-DSS.

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Frequently asked

Why do I need a store management software?

Wajooba’s tools simplify tasks and automate processes to save time and centralize your workplace to a single dashboard. Simplify the task of managing online and offline orders, generate invoices in a click, store product tax information, 50+ marketing tools etc.
It eliminates the human errors and automates order management for your store.

I already have a website, can I use Wajooba?

Yes, Wajooba can easily be incorporated into existing websites adding powerful new features quickly and easily. It empowers the existing website to display SEO optimized content, dynamic content, customized reports and order management for your store.

How much secure is my company’s data?

The Company data is fully secured and backed up with fully secured featured bonded by strong policies. We comply with the payment data compliance requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
Your account is protected by 128-bit encryption and all the transactions happen over a fully secured protocol. Data is secured behind a strong firewall and is backed up regularly.

What are some of the advantages of using store management software?

You are able to get the correct value of your stock, you can control purchase and inventory. Improved inventory visibility for salespeople, which gives them the confidence to promote products.

Why opt for Wajooba’s Store Management Software?

Powerful Automation

Control and manage your offline and online orders in a single dashboard with the power of automation. Reporting, inventory management, generating invoices, account processing is done just within a few clicks!

Time & Cost-Effective

Advance reporting, scheduling and order placement system is managed comprehensively so that you invest your time, energy and money into other business resources.

Viable Customer Support

Our customer support channel is designed to help and guide you in every single step – be it integrating your website, store management tools, helping you to design marketing mix based on Wajooba’s custom report, pricing and billing support. Etc

Manage your sales in one place

You can access customer information, bookings and payments from any device anywhere with the ease of a single dashboard.

Set up marketing strategies to increase revenue

Maximize your conversions with branding strategies like early-bird offers, discount & referral coupons, VIP Passes, secure and supported payment options for customers, etc.