Choose the best plan
for your business

Basic features - included in all plans
  • Class Calendar
  • Online Courses
  • Membership Management
  • Attendance Register
  • Smart Notifications
  • Offer Management
  • Customer Support
  • Single Admin
  • 10 Active Students
  • In-person Classes
  • Unlimited Events
  • Integrated Email Marketing
  • Client Mobile Website
  • SMS Marketing
  • Standard Reports
  • Online Classes
  • Share Videos and Files
  • Online Store
  • Accept Donations
  • Guardian Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan do you recommend?

The most popular plan is our Growth plan. Our powerful widgets can help you automate your website updates, Contact widget can collect leads from your website. If you are just starting up, we offer a FREE plan to try it out.

Can I import my data if I’m using another software?

Yes, Our support specialist will work with you to export data from your existing systems and import it to your new account. We do Migrations at No Cost to You.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your Wajooba plan at any time. We don’t lock you into any lengthy contract.

Can I change plans at anytime?

You bet! Upgrade anytime right from your settings.

Who Owns the Data?

You own all school data, you can download your contacts, history and all other data.

I do recurring billing. Will I have to collect client credit card data again?

No, Your clients credit card info is stored with our payment provider. We follow strict PCI compliance. You can always change the clients Card Info if needed

Do I need a payment processor?

Wajooba has integrated Payment processor which is very easy to setup, offers rates as low as 2.75%+ 30c for all Major Credit cards and .80% for ACH processing. You can choose to pass on the Credit card fees to your clients or absorb it.

What about system uptime and data security?

System uptime and data security is our top priority. To that end, we have partnered with Azure and Amazon Services to deploy a modern, robust, industry-leading technology infrastructure platform with all the benefits that the cloud brings to bear and we strive for 99.9% uptime. We follow strict PCI compliance protocols to ensure that all of your data, including your clients’ credit card information, receives commercial bank level protection and security.