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Track sales activity, manage leads with CRM integration, manage calendar, quote leads to conversions, launch marketing campaigns, automate tasks at unbeatable ease with Wajooba.

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Seamlessly integrate the website with Wajooba’s CRM system for your emails and calendar programs, eliminate the chances of double scheduling, manual data entry, double-booking client meetings etc.


Powerful CRM to automate lead generation from multiple sources like websites, trade shows, workshop etc. Add notes to quality leads, so that you don’t miss out on converting them to closure.


Create mobile-optimized customized lead forms for maximum conversions. Also features such as pop-ups, banners to convert website visitors into leads and increase customer engagement on your webpage.

Automate your marketing

Analyze campaign performance, inspect prospect’s response of promotio. Send Email and SMS campaigns with marketing automation within no time. Send beautiful target email campaigns with wajooba, with our Integration with Mailchimp. This will help to tailor your sales calls activity and conversion closure.

Track sales

User-friendly dashboard to track sales calls, leads database segmentation, emails sent, meetings held, assign tags to the tasks completed.

& Notifications

Get notified on the arrival of new leads and conversions, payments made, emails sent, calender notifications etc. Be informed, stay connected to clients and staff to take actions where ever necessary anywhere.

Roles, Profiles,

Define permissions of assigning tasks at the different managerial roles. Example – front desk role allows the staff to patrol attendance, staff role has access to billing and payment information, admin role has all the confidential access to data and can take strategical decisions.

Save time, automate CRM integration, follow-up for conversions, simplify all your operations from improving existing customer relationship and acquiring new patrons faster.

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Frequently asked

Why is Lead Management software necessary for my small business CRM implementation?

Managing your sales prospects or leads is one of the important operations of your small business’s day to day functions. It becomes essential to process lead management, customer database, marketing campaigns, track sales activity etc. Wajooba’s lead management software makes these tasks convenient to ensure you get maximum profit on your return on investment from your marketing and lead generation campaigns.

What does Wajooba’s lead management software do?

It assists you to track, manage and push leads through a pre-defined process. You can assign roles to follow-up with the leads, CRM integration will help you gather the customer details, also help in creating email & SMS campaigns, automates the process of manual tasks, creates customized forms, +50 features to just simplify your admin tasks, so that you can invest your remaining time and energy to business revenue generations and tech ideas.

I already have a website, can I use Wajooba?

Yes, Wajooba can easily be incorporated into existing websites adding powerful new features quickly and easily. It empowers the existing website to display SEO optimized content, dynamic content, customized event forms, etc.

How much secure is my company’s data?

The Company data is fully secured and backed up with fully secured featured bonded by strong policies. We comply with the payment data compliance requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
Your account is protected by 128-bit encryption and all the transactions happen over a fully secured protocol. Data is secured behind a strong firewall and is backed up regularly.

How does Wajooba’s lead management software help to increase my business revenue?

Wajooba makes the sales process automated, thus helping to boost the productivity of your sales representatives. Also, the lead database is properly organized – freeing up their valuable time to close more deals.

The sales cycle of my business is very distinctive, is Wajooba’s lead management software flexible enough to support the refinements of my small business?

Surely, our software is flexible and designed to mold around any refinements in your sales process. Be it a certain type of information stored, follow-up with leads over email campaigns, refine and pause campaigns, assign roles to the staff etc. We also create customized reports to help you improve your marketing efforts.

Why opt for Wajooba’s Lead Management Software?

Powerful Automation

Full-featured CRM systems that offer lead capture, sales automation tools, marketing campaigns, schedule meeting and update calendar. CRM makes it easy to coordinate, follow, and grow your sales pipeline.

Time & Cost-Effective

Advance calendaring, scheduling and CRM system is managed comprehensively so that you invest your time, energy and money into other business resources.

Viable Customer Support

Our customer support channel is designed to help and guide you in every single step – be it integrating your website, CRM management, helping you to design marketing mix based on Wajooba’s custom report, pricing and billing support. Etc

Manage your leads in one place

You can access lead information, bookings and payments from any device anywhere with the ease of a single dashboard.

Set up lead generation strategies to increase revenue

Maximize your lead conversions with branding strategies like early-bird offers, discount & referral coupons, VIP Passes, secure and supported payment options for customers, etc.