Event Management

Organize Your Workshops,
Webinars, Events

Organizing an event was never so easy

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Events Made Easy

Launch Your Events, Webinars in minutes

Just Define your event dates, select if is Online meeting or in person and rest is auto filled. You can always change. Beautiful sales pages with Pricing options is ready.

Easy Event Registration

With Guest checkout, students just have enter their name and email to register. If there its a Paid event, then credit card info is prompted for.

SEO Optimized sales pages

Create powerful sales from templates, these pages are SEO Optimized for Google to love you

Import Contacts & QA from Meetings, Webinars

Once a webinar is over, its hard to know who attended the webinar and what questions they raised
Wajooba is a authorized application on Zoom marketplace.
With Wajooba, you can import contacts & QuestionAnswers from Zoom webinars

Import essentials

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Website Builder & Widgets

If you are using wajooba's website builder or have a hosted website
Event widgets come in handly to make upcoming events part of your website

Build your own website

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Free, Paid and Donation Based Events

With wajooba you can host Free Events, Paid Events, Donation Based events and event External events.
External events when user clicks register they are redirected to an external page

Utilize different payment methods

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Events Reports and Analytics

Build strong insights into you business with reports. We can even create customized reports for you, where
we can select data from different sources and mash them for intelligent reporting.

Grow your Brand

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Accept Online Payments

Wajooba supports multiple payment Vendors including Stripe and others.
Accept all majort credit cards, debit cards and other payment options

Get Paid at your convenience

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Past Events

Once an event is over, it automatically gets archived into an Past event
With our past events widget, all the past events can easily be displayed on the website

Use past data to improve sales

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Welcome Emails

Easily configure an welcome email, this will get sent when a student registers for the event

Get automated emails

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