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Create Online Courses

Add more
value to your Students

Add Rich Multimedia Content to Your Course

  • Video

  • Text

  • Audio

  • Downloads

  • Discussion

Host Your Classes & Events Online and InPerson

Zoom Integration

Auto create secure Zoom urls for every class or Add your own URL
Auto Track Attendance
Share Video recordings to your Class or specific Individuals

Publish your calendar in minutes

Create your Class and Event calendar in Minutes
Create Beautiful sales pages
Easy public registration feature allows registering students without login
Public Meeting URL feature allows to even have public URLs which go live 30 minutes before the event

Make things easier for your students

Easy Student Registration

While Regular students can login and view their account, register for events.

Guest Checkout allows to register for an event without logins

Practice Videos

Allow students to upload practice videos and other files to their Account

Exchange Comment

Guardian Support

Allows students to have
guardians, it enables to

Guardians can login to see their student accounts
Guardians can make a purchase for students
When you communicate to a student, Guardians get an copy as well

Flexible Pricing Options

Sell your courses and programs based on

Monthly subscriptions or number of sessions or a fixed price.

Sell your Courses and Events

Publish programs on your website with flexible payment types

Subscription and One Time payments Session based payments

Donation Based
These are free programs but students are prompted for donations after registration

External Events
They allow you to publish a program and when user clicks on register, they get redirected to an external registration page

Sales pages

Create beautiful event detail pages in minutes

Powerful HTML editor helps you to create a nice sales page, You can start with existing templates and store your pages as templates as well

Custom Registration Forms & Reports

Create custom forms for student registration

Custom Reports- lets us know the report you are looking for

Create custom forms for student registration
Custom Reports- lets us know the report you are looking for

Billing and Payments

Accept Payments from All Major cards and ACH accounts

Rates as low as 2.2% for credit cards and 0.80 for ACH(Bank accounts)

Advanced Marketing Tools

Wajooba has built-in support for email and text campaigns.
Create offers, lead widgets for your websites, targeted marketing with ease

Integration with other popular tools

We keep adding new ones often, solicit requests from our clients.

Showcase your products and sell online

Fitness Water Bottle

Hooded Sweater

Yoga Mat

Powerful CRM

All your contacts are funneled to a single view databases

Contacts are segmented automatically based on their courses and programs attended

Advanced search allows you to filter say “All students who have attended one class but not another”

Communicate with your students right inside, send them emails and text messages.

Auto transition pipeline to convert leads to Follow-ups to clients.

Detailed history of Students visits, purchases, memberships.

Generate SEO Optimized Content

Custom domains so your traffic goes your website and not bounced to third party website.

Content generated is optimized for google search.

Website widgets allow to have fresh content for your website.

Custom Branded App

Flexibility & Freedom

on your own app