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Wajooba is very easy to learn platform for your Dance Studio, its is a entire management platform which can help you manage your students and take you class in person as well as Virtual

Smart features to grow & organize your business

Guardian Feature

In Wajooba, Guardians are first class citizens, they have their own login and can manage their child’s profile, check the progress as well as make purchases.

Share Practice Videos And Other files

Students and Teachers can share videos and other files privately. Teachers can upload videos and other files to the entire batch. Share comments.

Easy Communication

Wajooba natively integrates with Mailchimp, as an admin you can directly send email campaigns from your account and monitor the progress.

Extra Classes

For the classes missed, Students visit history can be tracked to assign extra classes.

Track Payments

Never miss a payment, with recurring payments and smart notifications.

Segmented Database

Wajooba CRM, stores all the contacts in one place be it Students, leads or Guardians.Further they are automatically segmented based on their activities. E.g You can easily filter the contacts based on Courses or classes they attended. Send them target emails, text messages.

Easy to Learn

Wajooba has been built based on the experience of studio owners, trainers. Its very easy to use.

It saves avg 20Hrs of admin time and build more visibility