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How Wajooba Software Powers Online Yoga in 2020

Wajooba Yoga Software is creating a Big Buzz in 2020. Learn how this Management Solution can Power-Up Your Online Yoga Studio Presence.   Wajooba Software is an easy-to-use management solution for your online yoga studio. Wajooba helps you build a better and faster business by providing powerful marketing tools and strong CRM. Social-distancing practices in 2020 have made yoga move online. With Wajooba Soft-ware you can build a successful yoga brand online. You can conduct classes in all mo-des i.e In-Person, Online as well as launch an online course to reach students more effectively. Better still, with Wajooba´s amazing marketing tools you can reach out to many new students either locally or globally. Furthermore, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrated software offers you a competent management solution that tracks, analyses, segments, and automates your data for you.   3 Top Reasons to Give Wajooba Yoga Software a Go!   1. Wajooba is Free and Offers Payment Solutions   The good news is that Wajooba is absolutely free for beginners to try out. You don’t need a credit card to start setting up your own online yoga studio. The sign-up process is simple and you’ll have an internet presence in a few minutes flat. The Wajooba ´Free Plan´ is the perfect place to start. It allows for up to 50 students and 2GB of cloud storage space in which to upload your content. For example: if you tend to just teach yoga from home, or from a private studio to a medium number of students. Or you are just curious to find out how it all works? Why not test-drive this free management solution right now? Find out for yourself how easy it becomes to coordinate your yoga schedules, calendars, class plans, student profiles as well as post events and send out invites.   You can also assign unlimited ´Guardians´ to your students. ´Guardians´ are mentors, who have individual permissions to oversee certain students. Therefore, they can view your student's online accounts, comments, and practice videos. All 4 of the Wajooba payment plans allow rapid yet highly secure PCI-DSS credit card payments. - at extremely affordable rates. The highly recommended ´Wajooba Growth Plan´ allows you 100GB of storage space, unlimited student numbers, and multiple admins and guardians.   2. Wajooba Yoga Software Makes Keeping in Touch Simple   Wajooba Online Yoga Studio can be viewed by your students from any device, anywhere.…