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Calendar Management

Wajooba is a convenient calendar management software ideal for classes, workshops, seminars, events and more, to keep on top of everything in your business schedule.

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Host secure online events with ease, automate Attendance Registration, Wajooba’s Zoom Integration helps create Secure Meetings. Save time accepting students in your meeting room.

Manage Calendar

Conveniently publish events classes, workshops or seminars and maintain schedules in your calendar. Students can easily book/cancel/ reschedule multiple classes/ events on the calendar.


Attendees can RSVP or register for events online, make payments and manage their details at ease. The students can mark the event on their own calendar and also attendance.

Mobile Friendly

Easily navigate and book your schedule with the user-friendly layout of Wajooba’s Calendar. We have mobile-optimized responsive pages for a great UI experience. Also, get access to the calendar on your mobile for more convenience.


Seamlessly integrate the website with Wajooba’s CRM system for your emails and calendar programs, eliminate the chances of double scheduling, manual data entry, double-booking client meetings etc.

Customer Profile Management
& Communication

Automatically send welcome emails once patron registers to the scheduled events. Inform them via SMS and emails automatically for any rescheduling and cancellation of event classes. Also, save records, classified information in the form of notes on the profile.

We have more than 50+ Features to enhance your business model through our Calendar Management Software.

Save time, schedule events, automate CRM integration and stay on top of your business at your convenience with fully-featured calendar and widgets.

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Frequently asked

How can I connect my business with Wajooba’s Calendar?

Integrate Wajooba’s calendar widget with your website to connect your business with us.

Does my recipient need to sign up for Wajooba to access my calendar?

The recipient can view the calendar even when they have not signed-in. Also, they can book for the events/classes without signing-in a faster and secure way.

Can I change the recipients, location or time of the schedule on my calendar?

Yes, you can easily edit your existing calendar schedule and send information to your recipient for any changes made.

I already have a website, can I use Wajooba?

Yes, Wajooba can easily be incorporated into existing websites adding powerful new features quickly and easily. It empowers the existing website to display SEO optimized content, dynamic content, customized event forms, etc.

How much secure is my company’s data?

The Company data is fully secured and backed up with fully secured featured bonded by strong policies. We comply with the payment data compliance requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Your account is protected by 128-bit encryption and all the transactions happen over a fully secured protocol. Data is secured behind a strong firewall and is backed up regularly.

Why opt for Wajooba’s Event Management Software?

Time & Cost-Effective

Advance calendaring, scheduling and event booking system is managed comprehensively so that you invest your time, energy and money into other business resources.

Viable Customer Support

Our customer support channel is designed to help and guide you in every single step – be it integrating your website, helping you to design marketing mix based on Wajooba’s custom report, pricing and billing support. etc

Minimize oversights and mistakes

Our tools make it easy to track and handle event schedules registrations smoothly to avoid any overbooking of seats. Missing on any events like sending attendees event information or passes.

Manage your schedules in one place

You can access the calendar, attendee information, bookings and payments from any device anywhere with the ease of a single dashboard.

Set up calendar strategies to increase revenue

Maximize your conversions with branding strategies like early-bird offers, discount & referral coupons, secure and supported payment options for attendees, etc.